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We only create architecture and interior designer related Professional websites.


  • Mobile Responsive website
  • .in Domain
  • 3/4 Static Pages
  • 20 MB webspace
  • 1 email Addresses 
Next year renovation charge Rs 6  Per Day


  • Mobile Responsive website
  • .com Domain
  • 10/15 Static Pages
  • 1 GB webspace
  • SSL security
  • Basic SEO
  •  new" Web App
  •  new" Push notifications
  •  new" Remarketing set up
  • business listing with Street View
  • Google Analytics
Next year renovation charge Rs20 Per Day




Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to show online ads to people who have visited their 360 view previously. They are online search and display advertisements that appear for visitors who have viewed or taken certain actions on your 360 view.

benefits of remarketing

#Improving brand recall.
#Remarketing is a fantastic instrument for reminding prospects of your brand.
#Improved conversion rates. 
#audience targeting. 
#Improves relevancy of ads.  
#Reduce loss.
#Lower Online Advertising and Cost Per Action Costs


Virtual tour Website Integration

Easily add your new Google 360° and virtual  tour to your own website and give prospective customers an insight to your business
( Embedding Codes for Your Website )


Project  Notifications

With one click, you can convert your viewers into subscribers, turn customers into leads and convert leads into a customer.

With our integration visitors will be automatically prompted to subscribe to your site and in just 1-click get converted to subscribers. No need to ask for email or any other information. This gets you higher opt-ins, minimizing annoying pop-ups. 1-Click subscribe works on both mobile devices as well as desktop.Given that notifications are clickable, you immediately get an audience which can be re-engaged including more content.
#Increase returning traffic 
#Easy to subscribe 
#Genuine audience base 
#Saves time 
#Behavioral targeting


Web Apps

3 Easy Steps to enable
Action Button in web app

1) Easier to install
2) Request the browser go fullscreen
in response to a user gesture.
3) Install the app to the home screen.
4) Fake it: auto-hide the address bar.
5) More useful for users
6) Easier to grow as your company grows
7) Can be run on any type of device ( mobile, tablet)
8) Improved performance
9) Faster loading times
10) Engaging user experiences
11) Less data use


Social media campaign Virtual tour

Leads and customers gained by google and Facebook-driven campaigns are a lot more likely to engage and are more likely to stay loyal over the long run. Virtual tou ad campaigns are valuable marketing strategies that can massively impact your number of new customers and long-term clients.


Virtual tour Display ads 

Virtual tour Play Automatically ( Walkthrough )

#Real Estate site office Virtual tour display ads
#interior furniture showroom Virtual tour display ads
#interior designer office Reception Virtual tour
display ads
#Conference Room Virtual tour display ad
#Exterior site Virtual tour display ads  


Facebook 360° Imagery

Facebook’s adoption of 360° imagery means that, not only can we embed your virtual tour on your Facebook business page, but we can also provide you with individual 360° images which you can use in promotional posts. This will greatly improve trust and engagement with your potential clients.


Enhance your business listing with Street View

Let your customers discover your business by adding a Photo and a 360 virtual tour to your online appearance.

Businesses with search listings are:
94% more likely to be honored
There is a possibility of using more than businesses without listings.
29% more likely to motivate customers to consider goods or services